Slide background Discover How Hydroflux's Extensive Range of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Can Improve the Performance of Your WWTP
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Slide background Discover How Hydroflux's Extensive Range of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Can Improve the Performance of Your WWTP
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Water & Biogas Asset Management and Operation

Are you diverting the attention of your key personnel on items outside your primary business and are you getting the best performance out of your existing plant? Hydroflux can assist you with providing solutions for the design, construction, operation, and ongoing management for your existing or future wastewater treatment and biogas plants.

Water & Biogas Asset Management and Operation

You may know Hydroflux as a trusted solutions and service provider in the water & wastewater industry, but we can do much more than that.

Hydroflux experience includes the current operation and maintenance of multiple biogas plants which were built under a BOOT Agreement and are now solely operated and maintained by Hydroflux under an O&M agreement. These plants include covered anaerobic lagoons, H2S scrubbers, gas handling and dehumidification, emergency gas flaring, gas engines with heat recovery (CHP), control systems and power interface to the local site infrastructure. Overall peak capacity of the systems is 3MW/hr

Hydroflux manage the day to day operation, inspections, servicing, and overhauls for these plants. That includes the compilation of metering data and reports for compliance, reporting for ERF claims and carbon emissions audits etc.

Water & Biogas Asset Management and Operation

Through a combination of site attendance and remote telemetry for remote monitoring of start-up, regular operations, and alarming to improve plant reliability and availability we make sure your plants operate efficiently 24/7.

Utilising the services and experience of Hydroflux as a solutions provider for your auxiliary plant will allow your staff to focus on the requirements of your primary business.

Let Hydroflux help you to optimise the safety, performance, reliability, and compliance of your Bioenergy plant. Please give us a call to see how we can best help.

About the Hydroflux Group
The Hydroflux Group comprises eleven companies based in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the UK, providing design and build, equipment, processes and operational services in water and wastewater treatment. Hydroflux Utilities provides many forms of water or wastewater plant support programs including, regular service and preventative maintenance contracts, chemical and spares supply and operation contracts for both industrial and municipal customers.
Hydroflux Utilities is a member of the Hydroflux Group.

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