Slide background Discover How Hydroflux's Extensive Range of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Can Improve the Performance of Your WWTP
Slide background As Experts in their Field, Hydroflux Utilities Technicians and Engineers are the Ideal Choice to Manage and Operate your WWTP
Slide background Discover How Hydroflux's Extensive Range of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Can Improve the Performance of Your WWTP
Slide background Hydroflux Utilities Solutions are Underpinned by a Superior Knowledge Base and a Skilled Team of Technicians and Engineers
Slide background Hydroflux Utilities Knowledge Base is an Ideal Starting Point to Training your WWTP Operators

Upskill with Hydroflux Intel – A free Online Educational Resource

At Hydroflux we believe that knowledge is power, that’s why we’ve made available a range of wastewater treatment information free of charge. View our online training topics and videos to improve your understanding of best practice wastewater treatment.

Free wastewater education with Hydroflux Intel

As industry experts in water and wastewater treatment, Hydroflux has gathered a wealth of knowledge over many years of operation. Our staff have first-hand experience in plant design, operation and maintenance. Utilising these skills to improve our customers business operations, with the goal of achieving cleaner water at the lowest total cost of operation.

As part of our company philosophy, Hydroflux believes in sharing knowledge with our customers and colleagues to help improve the overall knowledge base of the industry. One step we have taken towards this outcome is to set up Hydroflux Intel, an online portal with informative videos explaining technical wastewater treatment principles. By making this resource freely available to all, we hope to empower anyone wishing to manage their waste more efficiently and help them get the best outcomes for their plant and business.

Hydroflux also offers site-specific training for plant operators and engineers. Regardless of whether the plant has been built by Hydroflux or others, we conduct a thorough audit of your wastewater treatment system, including the current operating conditions, feed water and discharge results etc., then tailor a training package around the topics most needed by your staff. By increasing the technical knowledge of the people overseeing a wastewater treatment plant day-to-day, the plant settings and controls can be fine tuned to produce the highest quality outputs possible. A broad knowledge of wastewater treatment also means that plant issues can be addressed more effectively and resolved with minimal plant downtime.

If you want to gain a greater understanding on how to optimise your wastewater treatment plant, take some time to peruse Hydroflux Intel simply by clicking here.

Can’t find a specific solution or need further assistance with plant optimisation? Please contact our specialists for expert advice and support on 1300 417 697.

About the Hydroflux Group
The Hydroflux Group comprises eleven companies based in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the UK, providing design and build, equipment, processes and operational services in water and wastewater treatment. Hydroflux Utilities provides many forms of water or wastewater plant support programs including, regular service and preventative maintenance contracts, chemical and spares supply and operation contracts for both industrial and municipal customers.
Hydroflux Utilities is a member of the Hydroflux Group.

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