Slide background Discover How Hydroflux's Extensive Range of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Can Improve the Performance of Your WWTP
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Slide background Discover How Hydroflux's Extensive Range of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Can Improve the Performance of Your WWTP
Slide background Hydroflux Utilities Solutions are Underpinned by a Superior Knowledge Base and a Skilled Team of Technicians and Engineers
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The Holistic Approach. Combining Service and Chemical Supply

A soundly performing water or wastewater treatment plant needs more than just the right chemistry, it needs skilled operation and maintenance. Just like a formula-1 car, for the plant to keep working well it needs every component to be working at its optimum, and this is achieved by keeping things well-maintained.

A Hydroflux employee ensuring a wastewater treatment plant is running efficiently

As well as maintaining a properly functioning and efficient chemical program, there are four key skills needed to keep a water or wastewater treatment plant operating efficiently:

1. Knowing what to maintain, when to maintain, and how to maintain critical components.
2. Knowing when a critical component is coming to end-of-life and planning replacement before the component fails.
3. Having economical access to the right OEM components.
4. Having the skills necessary to rapidly and professionally install the components with minimal disruption to the plant’s operation.

The Hydroflux Group is the most comprehensive, Australia-wide specialist designer, builder and service provider to the water and wastewater market. With the knowledge, skill, experience and operating infrastructure, Hydroflux is the ideal choice to assist you keep your plant running at its optimum. Hydroflux’s national presence and highly efficient specialist teams pride themselves in providing a faultless and fast response.

Hydroflux’s chemical division can incorporate the most cost effective and efficient chemistry whilst our specialist service division provides breakdown & routine mechanical servicing and major overhauls of mechanical components.

Hydroflux provide a holistic approach to managing your wastewater treatment plant, taking care of the plant as if it was our own. Running a maintenance plan at the correct intervals will help maintain plant performance whilst maximising operating life and reliability.

Hydroflux's holystic approach to managing watewater treatment Infographic

If your water or wastewater plant is not performing optimally, is unreliable or you are just unsure of its condition contact Hydroflux to arrange a visit by one or our specialist teams; and by-the-way, Hydroflux also supply water and wastewater treatment chemistry at competitive prices.

About the Hydroflux Group
The Hydroflux Group comprises eleven companies based in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the UK, providing design and build, equipment, processes and operational services in water and wastewater treatment. Hydroflux Utilities provides many forms of water or wastewater plant support programs including, regular service and preventative maintenance contracts, chemical and spares supply and operation contracts for both industrial and municipal customers.
Hydroflux Utilities is a member of the Hydroflux Group.

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