Plant Optimisation

Wastewater treatment plant optimisation is by far the most unrecognised asset in the operation of a wastewater treatment plant, yet it represents the single biggest opportunity for performance improvement and reducing operating costs. 

Plant optimisation is not a new or even difficult process, but to achieve the best results you need to engage a business that has experience in operation of wastewater treatment plants.  Hydroflux® engineers have this experience and will work though problems systematically and achieve the best results for your wastewater treatment plant.

Whether you are an industrial or manufacturing business, operating clarifiers, DAF systems or biological processes, there is a reasonable chance that not every process operation will be delivering the best performance at the lowest cost. When you engage Hydroflux® to conduct a plant optimisation audit, our approach is based on a proven procedure, that we carefully follow to ensure the most suitable operation procedure is established.

Equipment optimisation. We will review all the individual components in the plant and verify that the existing equipment is being used to its fullest potential by examining operating data and performance.

Operating procedures. We will review the operating procedures which more often than not vary considerably depending on the person or the shift. We will then review operational manuals and conduct training to ensure consistency of operation.

Control optimization – In a wastewater treatment plant there can be hundreds of control loops responsible for controlling one part of the process, such as maintaining the dissolved oxygen level, chemical dosing rates or flow. There are often a number of control loops that are not properly tuned which can cause issues in performance or incur unnecessary costs. Hydroflux® will conduct a thorough review of the control systems and make any necessary changes to ensure optimisation is achieved.

Hydroflux® is reliable, efficient and effective – as experts we manage complex situations and deliver dynamic solutions. It is simple, streamlined wastewater treatment management