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Wear and Tear of mechanical components is an unavoidable fact. Wastewater treatment plants are no exception. 

One of the most important parts of the general operation and maintenance of your wastewater treatment plant is to have the ability and skills to repair equipment and components quickly and efficiently to ensure downtime of the wastewater testament plant is minimised. 

More importantly, is being able to anticipate potential problems, breakages or basic malfunctions of equipment, particularly those critical components where failure can result in loss of performance, or entire wastewater treatment plant failure which can in some cases result in loss of production.

Hydroflux Utilities is a service centre for the wastewater treatment industry. Our service technicians are experienced and trained and are constantly updating their skills and knowledge to keep pace with the introduction of new technology into the market place.

utilitiesserviceWe can offer many different levels of service contracts. Some examples are as follows:

Emergency service. Our technicians are available 24/7 to attend to unforseen breakdowns

Preventative maintenance. Our technicians understand wastewater treatment plants and offer routine inspections to properly evaluate each component of your wastewater treatment plant. During this evaluation, we will provide comprehensive reports on the status of the equipment and any recommendations on repairs overhauls or stocking of spare parts.

Service programs. In addition to preventative maintenance, we will review your plant and recommend a service program for each component of your plant. This service can involve any basic requirements such as instrument calibration to oil changes or major overhauls of equipment.

Hydroflux Utilities are reliable, efficient and effective. We manage complex situations and will always deliver the best solutions for our customers.