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Hydroflux Intel

hydrofluxintel800Hydroflux Intel is the information sharing division of the Hydroflux Group. Our aim is to provide clients and colleagues with valuable information on many aspects of water and wastewater treatment. We strongly believe education and training provides empowerment. 

Our engineers are focused and committed to the environmental industry. Our knowledge on wastewater treatment processes is extensive and has been acquired over many years of experience; experience in the design and construction of plants, including their long-term operation and maintenance

video buttonKnowledge sharing within the Hydroflux Group makes us what we are. We are all experts at Hydroflux and we all strive on knowledge. Sharing knowledge establishes trust and respect – an essential aspect of our business model.

Hydroflux Intel is one method of sharing our valuable knowledge via a series of short, technical video presentations covering many topics related to wastewater treatment.

Hydroflux is an information center. A knowledge base that runs throughout the company line. It lives within the team and is transferred right through to solutions for our clients.